Privacy Policy

OneLife Team keeps all information confidential and only uses it internally to improve program service.

Our servers are as well protected as those of major financial institutions. Even in the event of a breach, all active file data remains intact and available for a minimum of 5 years.

OneLife Team securely manages data input and output by requiring user names and choice of password by all its members. The OneLife Team IT department regulates all Internet site access and activity.

Our Privacy Policy, In Abridged Form

  1. Team OneLife (hereinafter referred to as “OneLife”) is a company offering medical information services (hereinafter referred to as “clients”), and in this respect, it is necessary for OneLife to create a file and prepare a report about its clients, which must remain confidential.
  2. OneLife hereby acknowledges that all confidential information (as defined below) to which it has access should be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality.
  3. OneLife is hereby committed to:
  4. Only use confidential client information for the purposes of the improvement of its medical services and to
    1. Not disclose or permit the disclosure, to anyone, of any confidential information, except for the sole purpose referred to in paragraph i above, it is understood that access to confidential information must be limited to OneLife officers, employees, representatives, or advisors that require access to such information for the purposes mentioned in paragraph i above. It is also understood that any OneLife officer, employee, representative, agent or advisor will first be notified of the nature and content of this commitment and undertake to be bound by each and every one of these provisions.
    2. For the purposes hereof, the term “confidential information” shall mean any piece of information or information in any form whatsoever which will be provided to OneLife or to which OneLife will have access in connection with the services rendered and any other information that may be obtained by their service.
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